Why is End-of-Year Recognition Important

  • Nov 17, 2017

A good boss incentivizes his employees, a great boss, knows why it’s important to do so. There is more to end-of-year recognition than a gift wrapped in a pretty bow. Here are four distinguishable key points to properly thank your employees and create a joyful environment going into the New Year.


Recognition leads to increased satisfaction


Study after study indicates when morale is boosted, productivity follows suit. It makes sense from a psychological standpoint. Those employees who feel their work does not matter likely will not feel as motivated as those who feel their efforts are noticed and validated.


Recognition creates employee loyalty


All things being equal, if an employee feels like they are a valued member of a team, they are less likely to look for work elsewhere. They say it is the little things that matter the most—and that statement applies to employee recognition as well. Employees often stay (or leave) a company because of the small things that compound into bigger things. A culture of appreciation begets loyalty.


It doesn’t need to be a grand gesture


As mentioned above, the small gestures become difference makers in the eyes of the employee. Maybe it’s a gift card here and there, a lunch catered in, or a birthday cake can go a long way to make an impression.  The same goes with branded trinkets. Who doesn’t need a coffee mug or company padfolio, after all?


It doesn’t need to be complicated


There is no need to worry about customizing every gift. Just make sure you do not spend more on one employee at the same level than on another, to avoid the appearance of favoritism.  Do not over-think it and you are sure to hit it out of the park!


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