Top Five Stress Relievers

  • May 24, 2017

Fidget items are a big trend among kids and adults.  Image Pros has the top five stress reliever items to help people stay focused and on task:


1.       Fidget Spinners


The newest craze hitting businesses and schools everywhere are fidget spinners. These little weighted tops fly around between your fingers, making you feel like you have the power to defy or even control physics. Not only are these fun and easy to use, but addictive and mesmerizing as well! These are great when brainstorming ideas but need something new to break up a mental block.


2.       Fidget Cubes


Fidget Cubes are great not only for stress relieving but for those who are more productive while doing something with their hands. With five different sides of fiddling (and one for your logo) there is a fidget for everyone! Whether you want to glide your thumb over the joystick, click a switch on and off ten times, or silently click dice buttons (as to not disturb your coworker), the fidget cube will keep you occupied and stress-free for hours.


3.       Stress Balls


This one is a classic. Image Pros has both traditional stress balls as might be found in psychiatrists, human resources, or sales managers’ offices, as well some with a fun, more modern twist. There are stress balls that fit in water bottles, some that look like brains or hearts, and some that change color with the heat from your skin! Whether you want to stick with tradition or break the mold, stress balls are always a good choice.


4.       Link Stress Reliever


For the more non-conformist stressed person, there is the link stress reliever. This chain of mobile, plastic links twist and turn every way while making a clicking sound to keep your hands moving as well as satisfy your ears. If you want to pretend you are a slithering snake or recreate the cloud animal you saw yesterday, this link stress reliever is just right to release your inner child.


5.       Anti-Stress Putty


This putty is anything but silly! A simple tin of anti-stress putty can fit in your pocket and make an appearance anytime life gets a little too hectic. You can stretch, pull, twist, and roll this putty until the weekend and it’ll never grow old or dry out. This one might be the most versatile of all stress relievers, as you can squish, mold, or bounce stress reliever putty, and then put it away for tomorrow’s to-do list!



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