Tis the Season for… Golf!

  • Jul 5, 2017

With summer comes barbecues, picnics, swimming, and inevitably... lots of golf!  If you want your sales team members properly prepared to take prospects golfing, you need to provide them with fun promotional items to give to your golf outing participants. 


Here are some awesome items Image Pros Consultants can help you customize for your sales team or your next corporate golf outing:


  1. Golf Apparel: Naturally, golf shirts with your logo make great gifts for your corporate connections. You can also brand golf jackets for those special relationships. Other types of golf apparel include pants, shorts, skirts, and sweaters. And don't forget golf arm sleeves, which provide extra protection from harmful ultraviolet rays on sunny summer afternoons, as well as the chill of early morning tee times.

  2. Golf Balls and Tees: Whether your tee time is early or late, you can't play without golf balls and tees. Branded golf balls and packages of tees make a great gift that provides lots of exposure of your logo to players.

  3. Poker Chip Golf Ball Markers: Your corporate mark will look great on a custom poker chip golf ball marker. These are very popular on the course – and they're very affordable. They're also frequently used, so you receive the benefit of great visibility for your brand.

  4. Customized Golf Towels: When the pressure is on to make birdie, the last thing your important customers want is a sweaty grip. Provide them with a branded golf towel to make a positive impression at critical moments of the round.

  5. Golf Umbrella: Your customers turn to you for solutions and protection against their competition. If mother nature pours down when you’re competing on the golf course, you can provide your clients protection against the rain (or sweltering sun) with a branded golf umbrella. It's a win-win situation when you can provide a protective solution and top-of-mind awareness with just one promotional gift. 

  6. Golf Cap: Speaking of top-of-mind, a custom golf cap literally provides a way for your logo to be on the top of your customer's head. A branded golf hat or visor provides protection against the sun, while a golf beanie offers warmth on those cool days in the spring and fall. Golf caps can be customized with your corporate colors and they come in a variety of styles at different price points.

  7. Cooler Caddy Junior: We tip our golf cap to the genius who created a thermal cooler in the shape of a golf club bag. Playing golf and cold cans of adult beverages go hand-in-hand, so you're sure to obtain maximum visibility for your brand on the course if you give your customers a Cooler Caddy Junior that has your corporate logo front and center. Now that's a gift every golfer will surely appreciate.


Image Pros has all of these promotional items and more available for you to purchase, so you can create the most awesome golf outing or client engagement items for your sales team.  Contact us today at either 317-489-6530 or bruce@imageprosmarketing.com to help fulfill your golf promo needs!

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