Six High-Tech Gadgets Designed to Incent Employees

  • Jul 27, 2017

Mid-year, it’s easy to lose focus on meeting objectives set out at the beginning of the year.  How can you keep employees engaged during the mid-year blues?  Choosing carefully selected tech gadgets is one way to uniquely incent and reward employees for continuing to work diligently toward their goals.  Gone are the days of mugs and flash drives.  Enter the tech era of incenting good employees for their contributions.  Here are some suggestions to get you started:


1. Power banks

In the age of mobile productivity, a power bank is essential to any busy professional, as well as phone owners everywhere. Whether in the office or on the go, a power bank provides the necessary energy to keep a phone or tablet running strong throughout the day!


2. Stylus pens

A stylus pen is a great incentive, particularly for neat freaks who dislike fingerprint smudges on their various screens. Styluses also make it far easier to create mobile signatures, take better notes, or create design elements on drawing apps. 


3. E-gifts

Giving successful employees gift cards to online shops, or creating a giveaway of a new e-book can encourage your employees to go above and beyond in their daily tasks. This could be something as simple as $10 off an Amazon purchase or as creative as electronic tickets to a local concert!


4. Gift cards

Gift cards to favorite restaurants, retail stores, or local attractions can give your employees something to look forward to, such as a night out with their family. They could also make it reasonable for your employee to get a new gadget of their choice they might have had their eye on.


5. Foldable keyboard

A clever tech gadget, like a foldable keyboard, is a great motivator and can make working remotely a breeze.   Typing up a proposal or email is quicker on a keyboard than trying to use a small touchscreen.  It could also allow a busy employee a little more desk space when not typing.


6. Bluetooth waterproof speaker

From outdoor gatherings to shower-time jams, a Bluetooth waterproof speaker is one of the most functional gadgets of recent years. With a variety of uses, your employee can work extra hard to accomplish your company goals, knowing that the reward sounds sweet in every environment. 


Want to learn more about employee incentives using high tech gadgets?  Contact Bruce Steinman with Image Pros today at to design a strong incentive program!


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