Service Awards

  • Jul 17, 2017

It’s the season for service awards.  If your company doesn’t do service awards, or does them rarely, maybe it’s time to reconsider.  Whether employees have served you for one year or 20, here are some reasons to consider choosing to celebrate employee loyalty through carefully chosen promotional products:


1.    Engaged employees work harder

All employees need to feel that their job is worthwhile and that they contribute to the company—doing more than spending day after day in a cubical. Giving a service award for hard work leads your employees to enjoy their job, and in turn, motivates them to put in more effort to make sure every day is productive.


2. Rewarded employees tend to be more loyal

After spending hours, days, and maybe even multiple years forging ahead at one job, an employee who is rewarded for his or her work will feel like an asset to the team.  If this person is truly an asset to any company's workforce, rewarding them will make sure they don't switch teams and keep strong ties to your business.

 3.    Recognized employees have increased morale

Nothing is worse than having a bunch of employees who don’t like working for you. You cannot control the feelings employees have about their job, but you can make their environment just a bit more fun with meaningful awards that thank them for what they do. Even little gestures can mean a lot to increase morale and motivate employees.

4.    Happy employees invite their friends to come work with them

People like to work with people they like, doing meaningful work.  If your employees are happy and properly motivated, they will invite their qualified friends to join the team.  People who feel like they are in a rewarding job can more easily recommend their company to friends and family, making for ready, willing, and excited new hires.

5.    Focused employees meet their objectives more quickly and easily

If an employee has a goal to reach for, they are more focused, which allows for streamlined productivity. The more motivated they are, the more productive they will be in reaching deadlines.  Providing little awards along the way to recognize employees’  service to your company gives them the boost they need to keep going, and drives their loyalty, morale, and ultimately, stronger work ethic.    


If you are looking for help in putting together a great employee service award program, Image Pros is here to help.  Contact Bruce today: to begin your company’s service award program!

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