How to Successfully Plan End-of-Year Gifting

  • Oct 11, 2017

When preparing End-of Year Recognition gifts, it is important to begin early to avoid last minute chaos and frustration. Taking the proper steps will not only help with organization, but ensure that you stay within budget. Here is a guide for joyous and stress-free gift giving.


Plan a Budget


When thinking about your company’s year-end gifts, the first question you should ask is “How much can I afford to spend?” You may have one lump sum of money from accounting that you will evenly distribute to both clients and employees. You might, however, want to acknowledge a certain client for the amount of business given that year or spend more in general to appreciate employees than clients. Whatever you choose is perfectly acceptable…as long as you budget!


Decipher the Dollar Amount per position


As a special thanks to those in your office who have put in the extra time with the company or taken on more responsibility, you might consider giving a little more in your year-end gift. While still in the planning stage, consider how much you want to spend on different levels of authority in your company: entry level, manager, VP and so on. Make sure this is detailed in your budget as well!


 Include Everyone


When the holidays roll around, no one wants to be left out of the fun. Make sure in gift giving, nobody is forgotten or overlooked. Not only is this perceived as rude, but could be seen as preferential treatment, which no boss wants. If you give to your employees, make sure everyone from the janitor to the VP of sales gets a gift. If you give to clients, give to all clients who fit the requirements you set to receive a thank you gift.


List your Recipients


  You should make sure that every person you plan on gifting to is written down on a list somewhere; this helps you not only remember everyone, but also make sure when orders are taken, the correct number of gifts are requested. Once the gifts arrive, it is easy for you to add a personal touch with enclosed letters of appreciation.


Be Sensitive to Religious Beliefs


Being the boss or manager, you should know quite a bit about your employees and clients. If you know that they express a certain religious belief, be cautious of that in your gift giving. Do not force upon them a gift from another religious holiday: if they celebrate Hanukkah, giving them a card with a nativity scene will not be received well. If you would like to stay safe, give everyone gifts that are not associated with any specific holiday, but apply to what people generally want or need.


Personalize if Possible


The most fun gift to receive is one that is meant especially for them. Personalization can add a special touch that takes your employee or client appreciation gift to the next level. You could get every executive in your company a nice pen with their name and your company’s logo on it—or you could give special clients a gift set of cheese and crackers with a personalized cutting board for their holiday party. The possibilities are endless!



For more gift giving ideas, or to create a custom package for your employees, please visit or contact Bruce at

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