Budget-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas for any Employee

  • Oct 24, 2017

Raises or bonuses aren’t the only way to boost employee morale. Employee recognition is an effective way for a company to outwardly show appreciation—without breaking the bank. Year end is quickly approaching, and with it comes the time for you to begin selecting holiday gifts.

Where To Start?

First, you need to set a budget and craft a recipient list. From here, it is time to assign the dollar amount needed per individual or tier of employee position. Then the shopping begins! Below is a numerical guide fit for every budget to help in the process of selecting gifts.

$50 or more

For those looking to spend $50 or more, look no further than a digital photo frame. What better way for an employee to cherish and reflect on family memories than with such a device? At the same price point, a mobile wireless keyboard is the perfect gift for the busy employee on the go. It allows you to wirelessly pair up to two devices at the same time with any Bluetooth 4.0 enabled device.

$20 to $50

You can get a lot in the $20-50 price range. A leather messenger bag adorned with your company logo will make the right impression. It offers both form and function. The same holds true for a water-resistant hooded windbreaker. It’s the perfect match for rain and snow. Add your company logo for that extra touch.

$10 to $20

Even a $10-20 gift is sure to make a mark. Do you have a team member who loves listening to music or podcasts? The Persona® Bluetooth® Speaker will be well received. Who doesn’t love food? From cheese, to Jelly Beans to cookies, a food gift basket will never go unappreciated.

$1 to $10

Last, you can make a splash in the $1-10 range. A yearly planner is something they can use every day to track personal and professional appointments. It’s the perfect gift for that person who prefers a physical calendar over digital. Finally, a T-shirt with your company logo is never a bad idea. (Who doesn’t love a T-shirt?)


For more gift giving ideas, or to create a custom package for your employees, please visit www.imageprosmarketing.com or contact Bruce at bruce@imageprosmarketing.com

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