Back to School Essentials

  • Aug 24, 2017

Be prepared to send your loved one back to school with this season’s hot gear. With these spirited items, your student will be prepared to take on the new year with intellect and style. Complete with customized personalization, you may be assured that your child will return home with what they brought to school! 



This one is a school year essential. Forget that ratty bag that’s seen the wear and tear last years scene of lockers, books, and tile floors!  If your loved one’s school bag has seen better days, get them the backpack or gym bag that they can use all year long in the style that fits them best!


Academic Planner

Perfect for those with an organized personality (or a wish for better time management), an academic planner keeps every student on task and helps them not to forget a single assignment or exam. You can even make it personal with a variety of designs to make even the most skeptical student eager to organize.


Spirit Wear

Nothing says “School Spirit” like spirit wear.   A new t-shirt, hoodie, or ball cap can get a student excited for the upcoming year and make for a great first-day-of-school outfit (and photo op). Not only can the clothing have the school’s mascot or logo, but your student’s name or a special message promoting a sport he/she might play!


iPad accessories

In the age of digital learning, schools often have an iPad for every student to use, do homework with, and take home for the year. Every student with a tablet will appreciate a case that sets them apart (and protects their device), a stylus for easy tablet writing, or a charging dock for those nights they forget to plug it in.


Monogrammed Pens

Nothing is worse than having a new stock of pens at the beginning of the school year, then lending them all out and not having anything to write with. With monogrammed pens, not only will your son or daughter have quality writing utensils with which to take notes, but no one will try to keep their pens as their own.


If any of these ideas appeal to you, and you think your school could benefit from having them on hand, contact Bruce today: to schedule your promo consultation!

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