7 (More) Ways to Use Promotional Items

  • May 16, 2017

Promotional products have been used in so many different ways to help companies with their sales and marketing efforts that it would be virtually impossible to create a list of them all. We mentioned a few of them in our recent article “8 Ways to Use Promotional Items,” but those only skimmed the surface. So... 


Here are seven more good reasons to invest in promotional products:      

1. Introduce new account managers to customers

The personal relationship established between a vendor and a customer is perhaps the most important aspect of doing business. If your sales team has recently assigned a new account manager to all or some of your customers, you should quickly bring that change to their attention, with as much positive spin as possible. If you present a worthy promotional item as a part of your formal introduction, you can help make the transition a positive experience for all.

2. Celebrate a location opening

A lot of planning and a big investment go into establishing a new brick and mortar presence. You should celebrate your location opening with a promotional souvenir!  Using promotional items to help promote your new location opening will keep your company top of mind both now and in the future for your prospects and customers who stop by for the event!  

3. Create an ice-breaker for sales people

When a salesperson meets with a new prospect for the first time, they want to make a good impression. Promotional items can help break the ice until a relationship has been established. If members of your sales team have a unique promotional item to give their prospect, then they'll have an obvious topic to chat about before getting down to business. Prospects and customers keep the promo item while your brand stays top of mind.       

4. Motivate customers to call you (as part of a campaign)

One way to motivate prospects or customers to call you is through a targeted marketing campaign using a pair of promotional items.  For example, you can send each customer half of the pair or a portion of the set, along with an invitation to call you to receive the missing item(s). Examples of promotional items you can use for this type of campaign include bookends, flip flops, a warm-up suit, socks, audio speakers, inflatable noisemaker sticks, a bean bag toss game, wireless earbuds or headphones, a pen and pencil deskset, gloves, a toolkit with case, pom poms, comfy slippers, or a set of BBQ utensils. For high-end prospects and customers, you could send a champagne flute and then deliver the other flute in person, along with a premium bottle of bubbly.  The possibilities are endless.

5. Build and improve customer relations

Building strong customer relationships is the key to success with any business. Your customers want to know you appreciate their business, so it is advisable to show them your appreciation through a promotional item with your logo and brand on it.  This helps them remember you each time they drink coffee from the mug with your logo on it, write with the pen that has your brand, or highlight a key component they are trying to remember.  It’s also a great way to say thank you for doing business with you.

6. Increase brand/image awareness

Top-of-mind awareness is an integral part of marketing. That means you need to fight through the clutter of all your competitors' efforts to be seen and heard. Promotional items of value go a long way toward separating your marketing message from the crowd. When you match the right promo item with the right message, you can make a distinctive and effective impression on your targeted audience.   

7. Employee incentive; build morale

After one has been doing the same thing for a long time, it can be easy for enthusiasm to wane, or for them to become complacent in doing their job well. To ensure your staff keeps their morale up, you need to occasionally provide them with a reminder of why they do what they do. A well-chosen promotional gift can be just what the doctor ordered to boost the spirits and morale of your staff. A valuable branded reward for reaching a specific goal can be just the incentive your sales team needs to achieve a new performance plateau.   

Numbers Don't Lie

Dozens of reasons exist to give a nice gift to a business associate. Hundreds of people are ready to accept your promotional gift and then respond in kind. Thousands of promotional products are available to be that gift. That's the numeric truth, so what are you waiting for?     


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