5 Must-Have Items on the Golf Course

  • Aug 15, 2017

With golf season in full swing, make sure you look like a pro with these five must-have items. Be on par with these accessories to prevent your shot from landing in the weeds. 

Rain Gear

A little rain never hurt anyone, but a wet golf shirt that sticks to your skin could impede your swing, and you don't want that. If the weather forecast indicates a chance of showers, then having a waterproof golf jacket or an umbrella on the golf course is a necessary solution for keeping your score low. Presenting branded golf gear to your prospects and customers can be an integral part of your marketing solution for keeping your top-of-mind awareness high.

Business Card Holder

You always have your phone with you, even on the golf course. You should always have your business cards with you, even on the golf course. A great way to combine those two needs is a promotional business card holder for cell phones. These inexpensive giveaways are available in many colors and provide great visibility for your corporate logo and marketing message, because these days the only time we're not looking at our phones is when we're lining up our next shot. 

Water Bottle

Proper hydration on the golf course is crucial to peak performance. Without enough water in your system, your mood and energy level will sink – and the only thing you want to sink on a golf course is a birdie putt. Water bottles provide a lot of space for displaying your logo and other marketing messages; they come in many sizes, shapes and colors; and they range from very inexpensive plastic versions to top-of-the-line stainless steel units. Everyone needs water. With that in mind,  your golf promo campaign probably needs a water bottle in the mix.

Ball Markers and Tees

In business, the small details make a big difference. On the golf course, small items like golf markers and tees play a big role in the game. If you use these items to promote your brand, your logo will continually be visible during the entire match and your budget will stay in-bounds – whether or not your next shot does.


During a long day on the golf course, having a towel to keep your ball, clubs, and hands dry is definitely an essential accessory to have in your bag. Embroidered promo golf towels make great giveaways because they are very useful and they provide a great canvas for your logo and marketing message.


If the golf accessories listed above don't help you keep your golf score low, at least they will help you score big with your prospects and customers.


Image Pros has all of these promotional items and more available to support your marketing strategy. Call us today at 317.410.2422  to discuss how we can help you!

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