5 Best Promotional Items Every Employee Should Receive on Their First Day

  • Apr 27, 2017

Think back to the first job you ever had. Not bussing tables or flipping burgers when you were fifteen, but the first step in your career of landing a job that truly fed your passions. You’ve finally made it in the professional door and you want to tell the world what you accomplished. Well it isn’t just you; new employees at every company are the most excited they will ever be to promote their new business, and to help them along, here are five things they should receive on their first day of work:

1.     Business Cards

These are important in the life of every productive employee. Every person your employee strikes up casual conversation with is an opportunity to brag on the place they work, give them a business card, and say, “Hey, if you ever need anything, give me a call.”

2.     Pen

Who doesn’t always need a pen? There are some people who even collect pens! Giving an employee a handful of branded pens gives them one for the office, one for the home, and a couple to give away to a friend (or stranger) who needs one.

3.     Notepad

List makers and doodlers alike use notepads constantly in their individual productivity styles. Using a notepad with your business’s logo reminds your employee of the great place they work, and gets your brand in the mind of every client that is shown a concept map or sketch.

4.     Shirt

Apparel is the highest form of personal marketing; people will generally only wear logos and ideas that they agree with, so it speaks very highly of your business for an employee to wear your shirt. And they make for great casual Friday tops.

5.     Water bottle

Instead of making awkward eye contact, or lack thereof, while in the gym, having a water bottle with a logo presents a great talking point. Someone who is unfamiliar with the company might ask what you do, giving an opportunity to promote the company and fill a need. For those who are familiar with the company, they might be intrigued to actually know someone who works there.

Is there something on this list that you think everyone at your company would enjoy, from the newbie to the CEO? Is there an item that you think would work better than these for your company culture? Call Image Pros for more ideas or to start setting up your new employee package.

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